Our Automotive Component Manufacturing & Assembly Process

In the fast-moving, time-sensitive and deadline-driven world of automobile component manufacturing process is everything. This competitive industry works on a delicate timeline and thin profit margins, which is why we have created a professional methodology that operates on maximum efficiency – but we continue to seek out even more effective methods of operation. JIC is always learning, testing and improving.


Client Driven. Growth Motivated.

Jefferson Industries thrives because of its ability to provide an excellent service on an efficient timeline. We integrate all in-house technologies, including our 3D part screening devices, spot press machines, and other measuring devices, to ensure a quick turnaround. We never sit on our hands. As a “Just-in-Time” manufacturer, we actively work to eradicate any misspent time that may be present in our pipeline. Because JIC keeps its production speeds high, it can keep client pricing low.

Our Accolades and Awards

As a leading automotive part and component manufacturer, we have accumulated quite a few accolades and awards throughout the past 25 years. Take a look at just some of the amazing recognitions we have acquired throughout our history!

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A Proactive Focus on Energy-Efficiency Technologies

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JIC aims to minimize its carbon footprint by adopting environmentally-friendly, green technologies. In compliance with the ISO 14001 Environment Management System (EMS) Standard, we engage in environmentally-balanced business activities and routinely implement new processes to decrease our impact on the environment. Our objective is to address the immediate and long-term concerns of the world around us.