West Jefferson, Ohio

Jefferson Industries Corporation – West Jefferson, Ohio

Since 1989, Jefferson Industries Corporation has put an endless amount of effort toward safety, cutting edge technologies and environmentally-friendly processes to become the leader in global automotive body frame and transmission components manufacturing.

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As the American headquarters for G-TEKT Corporation, Jefferson Industries actively participates in the development and manufacturing of new automobiles. We offer design and development for press dies, auto body components design proposals and other tools that are absolutely necessary for the mass production of vehicle components. Our facilities support high quality product manufacturing and we provide a timely and flexible approach to meeting the needs of our clients.

How We Do It

We believe in investing in modern technologies to improve the the efficiency of each and every process we undergo. The craftsmanship and precision that goes into our metal stamping and welding is second to none. Our team builds consistently effective components in a quality-controlled environment, using materials from only the best suppliers – including some suppliers from our own backyard of Central Ohio. Our products are custom-designed to fit the needs of the client.

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Jefferson Industries also believes in investing in its people. We offer great performance incentives, monetary rewards for those who pursue philanthropic endeavors and in-depth machine safety training to protect the people that make our corporation great. We actively perform in-house and outsourced audits to ensure the maximum efficiency of our operation and safety of each and every valued employee.